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Real Estate Development Signage

You’ve got a great property available, now you need a great sign. 

As each property is unique each sign will be unique.

The graphics are customised to highlight the special features of the property and the broker that will be handling the enquiries. To ensure the message can be read, first determine the maximum viewing distance the sign should be legible from. A rule of thumb is for every 10’ of viewing distance the letters need to increase by 1”. So a sign to be read from 80’ would require 8” letters.

City bylaws will have requirements as to the size of the sign and the size of the font, we are happy to design the sign according to the regulations.

a banner for a condo project that says coming soon
a sign for a new residental development
a sign advertising a commercial development opportunity

Custom Real Estate Signs

The most common signage solution used by real estate agents is a yard sign. These signs provide prospective clients with the information they need regarding the listing agent, their contact information and often a desirable feature. Like any business, the signage you choose has a significant impact on a customer’s first impression. A handwritten, or big-box store home for sale sign, has very little power to drive a customer’s interest.

Conversely, a custom made sign by Vancouver Sign Company creates the impact you want to make the sales you need. We custom fabricate all of our signage solutions to match your needs and goals. A custom, professionally made sign tells your customers about who you are as a person and about the property you are selling.

Signs for Real Estate Companies

Very few businesses deal with the fierce competition found in the real estate business. With the constant changes in the Vancouver market, staying competitive is more difficult than ever. It is even more important to appeal to prospective customers, whether they are in the market for a house, business or land.

To do that, you need signage solutions that not only appeal to your prospective customers but also impact their buying decisions, meaning, you need a reliable and experienced signage manufacturer like Vancouver Sign Company.

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