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Decal Printing

Vancouver Signs provides complete decal design and manufacture for vehicles, walls, windows, floors, and more!

Whether you are looking to add flair to your vehicle, pzazz to your walls, add decorative touches to your windows, or wayfinding decals for your floor, Vancouver Sign Company has the right custom decal for any purpose.

Our team of dedicated vinyl decal specialists can recommend the right decal you need to take your surface from plain to impressive. We work with you throughout your decal project, starting from the initial free consultation through design, manufacturing, and installation of your decal to ensuring your final product reflects your vision.

a banner for a condo project that says coming soon
a sign for a new residental development
a sign advertising a commercial development opportunity

High-Impact Vehicle Decals

Vehicle decals can include graphics, logos, numbers and letters that are individually cut from our durable vinyl and then pre-masked and transferred to your vehicle. Our professional staff of designers will work with you to identify what your decal needs are, conceptualise a design that matches your ideas, and create the eye-catching graphics that you are looking for.

Vehicle decals can be applied to commercial vehicles, trucks, cars, vans, ATVs and much more. You can turn any vehicle you own into a unique branding billboard to maximise your marketing reach, turning missed opportunities into customers. Many businesses use these decals to identify themselves, build brand visibility and trust with potential customers.

Decals For Windows, Walls, Floors and More

Custom printed decals are not only for advertising on vehicles, they are also useful advertising and informational tools for windows, floors, and walls. Our attractive and durable decals can be used on just about any surface you could think of. These signs can be informational like showing store hours or promotional like showing your offerings. They can also be used for artistic purposes like displaying your brand’s personality to great effect.

Wall decals are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses are discovering the wow factor full size vinyl wall murals and graphics can have on visitors. These decals can be used to inform guests about the history of your company, displaying information about new exhibits and to  guide your visitors from one area of your facility to another. They can also be used to increase the efficiency and safety of your staff.

Most people only think of using window decals to display the name and business hours of a company. These decals can do much more! They can be frosted privacy film to provide privacy to customers as they dine, talk or shop. Many companies employ decals to advertise seasonal or limited time special events or promotions to attract customers. With our decal printer in Vancouver, the only limit is your imagination.

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