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Illuminated LED Signage

Looking for a traditional neon sign that gives off that retro vibe for your business but at a more affordable cost?

With high-efficiency, energy efficient LED bulbs, Vancouver Signs can create LED neon signs that mimic the neon look at a much lower price point. LED neon strips can replicate the retro feel in a far more accessible way.

If you are looking for a lighted sign, but in a neon style, LED strips can be added to a variety of sign types. For businesses such as nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, and theatres, lighted signs will make your establishment stand out in the dark, perfect for businesses that are open late.

Our LED signs are created to fit your specific desires, available in a wide variety of styles and colours.

black channel letter logo sign with white led halo lighting
metallic looking 3d letter sign with purple halo lighting above the reception of office
black dimensional letter signage with white led halo illumination

Indoor LED Signs

Beyond storefronts, LED neon signs are also frequently used indoors, most commonly in the form of an illuminated OPEN sign for business. You can also use lighted signs to spruce up and personalise dull areas of your business like order and pick up stations. These signs can be made with the use of standard lettering and fonts or can be completely custom created to suit your specific business needs.

Programmable LED Message Centres

Are you looking for an updatable, custom message board to inform customers or staff? Vancouver Sign Company provides custom, programmable LED message centre signs that are standalone or incorporated as a part of your storefront, pole sign or monument sign. Our LED message centres offer many benefits over standard neon or LED signs, including easy customization allowing you to update your display at any time. There are many different types of digital message centres to choose from, from single colour units to full-colour displays that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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