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Trade Show Displays

Attending a trade show, convention, conference, or expo? We have the experience, tools, and resources to create the attention-getting, durable trade show booths, displays, and exhibits you need to make your showing a success!

Creating attractive and exciting trade show exhibits and displays is what we do best. We understand the importance of having impactful trade show signage that attracts attendees to your booth, excites and educates them about the products/services you have to offer and ultimately turns them into buyers or investors.

Attendance at trade shows represents a substantial marketing investment for your company. You need your trade show to be a success in order to get a good return on that investment.

It all comes down to your trade show booth. Your display needs to be attractive, professional and informative for your staff to sell your products and services. We design trade show booths and displays that both attract guests to your display and support your sales staff in closing the deal.

Three custom print pull up banners behind a table with a custom print table cloth draped over it for a trade show
outdoor trade show exhibit with tent, backwall, sidewalls and podium stands
Trade show exhibit

Custom Built Trade Show Booths

Fully customised trade show exhibits by Vancouver Signs give you the freedom to have your booth made exactly the way you want it. You can choose the design, material, construction and arrangement of your booth elements so that your entire exhibit reflects your business’s unique personality. Each booth element is fabricated specially for your brand.

We create trade show booths as small as 10’x10’ and as large as 30’x30’. We also fabricate various materials like wood, acrylic, fabric, vinyl, aluminium, glass, steel, etc. All this so that you can give your visitors and customers an unforgettable experience.

Although this type of trade show exhibit is usually costlier than others, it also offers the greatest potential to stand out and get noticed. If your company is an active trade show marketer and participates in a number of events every year, then fully customised exhibits are worth every dollar and can actually be more impactful, more cost-effective than generic booth rentals.

Modular Trade Show Exhibits

Modular trade show booths are an awesome mix of the first two types. They are trade show exhibit systems made of various prefabricated elements but, because these elements are interchangeable, they also have a degree of the flexibility and uniqueness that fully customised booths offer.

Our modular exhibits allow you to create many designs with all sorts of textures which allows you to set your booth up in a way that conveys your brand message clearly and cohesively. We also make it easier for you to literally set up your booth because we source durable but lightweight materials that can easily be assembled by your staff. And if you have issues with setup, we are here to help you out.

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