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Wall Wraps in Vancouver

Vancouver Signs is your local provider for attractive, high quality wall graphics. Ideal for business use, wall graphics and murals can turn a long hallway into a lesson on the history of your company, add colour and excitement to an otherwise plain wall, allow you to proudly display your logo in your office lobby.

We have the right kind of graphics for all your needs, from hand washing signs in bathrooms to inspirational murals in break rooms. We design, manufacture and install the perfect wall graphics for your business. Whether you have a wall mural design in mind or just a blank space that you feel could be better utilised, our experienced staff can assist you with transforming the walls in your premises into works of art.

Wall graphics depicting drawing mountain shapes
wall mural of an office interior wall
nice looking custom wall art

Complete Design Control

We create custom wall murals that are specific to your business using our wide format vinyl printer. We use high-quality, durable printed and laminated vinyl to create eye-catching and attractive wall graphics and wall lettering. From breathtaking, large-format wall murals to individual wall decals that together weave a story, we handle it all.

Change your mind? That’s ok! Our removable wall graphics can be removed, and either reverted back to your plain wall or replaced with a new design to reflect current messaging.

Full-Service Wall Vinyl Company

Don’t have a design in mind? No problem! Our experienced graphic designers can create the perfect concept for you. In fact, we handle every step of the process, assisting you from design all the way to installation in your desired location. We can also perform an on-site evaluation, including measuring your walls to ensure your mural fits perfectly in your space.

We use only the highest-quality materials, allowing you to be confident that your wall vinyl will not only be durable but have an attractive finish. With options ranging from high gloss to matte, we are sure to have a suitable option for your facility.

While you can install your own wall graphics, for the best guaranteed results, it is best to have a professional vinyl installer install your vinyl wall graphics. While small graphics typically have very few issues, large sheets of vinyl graphics can be challenging to work with. Without the proper skill, it can often result in bubbles, small rips or creases in the final result, creating a less than perfect appearance. When you work with our team in Vancouver, if there are any issues that arise during sign installation, such as damage to the vinyl, we will replace it free of charge. If you damage the vinyl during self-install, we would not be able to uphold that same warranty, making professional installation of large-format vinyl graphics a must.

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