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Lighted Signs

Want your business to truly outshine all the distractions around it? There is no better way to do this than with a custom backlit sign.

There are a variety of types, shapes and styles of lighted signs. Many different sign types are used throughout a business, and most businesses could benefit from some type of frontlit or backlit sign. At Vancouver Sign Company, we create custom illuminated storefront signs, lobby signs, and other types of backlit signs custom made for your needs and budget.

black channel letters with white led halo lighting
halo lit 3D letters on a white sign panel
lobby sign with blue led lighting and 3D letters

LED Backlit Signs

Also referred to as “halo-lit” lettering, LED backlit signs are a customer favourite because of their visibility, both day and night. These signs take nearly any business logo and use light effects to really make it stand out. Use backlit signs to enhance your business’ lobby with some visual excitement.

Add a professional look to your business with backlit signs in Vancouver, produced with high-quality, efficient materials. Wherever your backlit sign will be – building exterior, windows, rooftops – a backlit sign will shine bright for your business.

LED signs are custom made and come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colours to help promote your brand’s identity. And as with any illuminated signage, your business will be noticed any time of day or night!

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