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Custom Wraps for Vans

If your business sends contractors, delivery persons or technicians to client locations to perform work, then a top of the line van wrap that is durable and stylish is what your fleet needs. It turns your vehicles into marketing tools while also serving as protection for the paintwork.

Our commercial van wrap products include:

Vancouver Sign Company will help you choose the right vehicle wraps for your business within your budget.

Having a strange man approach your home from a windowless van should be a scene in a horror movie and not something your customer should experience. A branded, customised van wrap builds customer confidence that the person in front of their home or business is, in fact, your representative. The reassurance you give to your customers is the start of a positive customer experience, resulting in better client referrals and ultimately more business for you.

A large work van with full custom wrapped graphic for a business
A work van with custom printed vinyl wrap
a mall work van with custom printed wrap for a catering company

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Professional fleet vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to up your marketing game and increase the visibility of your business.

A professionally wrapped fleet vehicle helps to reinforce your branding as well as serving as an effective marketing tool that travels everywhere with your team. Wrapping your fleet with branded vinyl van wraps will automatically give you a giant billboard travelling all through town. It gives your clients and future customers a constant reminder that your business is open and always ready to do business.

Protective Work Van Wraps

Your business vehicles are not always going to be driven in perfect weather in Vancouver. These costly assets represent a major business investment as well as means of performing necessary work functions. That is why it is very important to make sure that you get the maximum value from your work vehicles.

Not only does a custom van wrap add trust and professionalism to your business but it also acts as a layer of protection for your work vehicle. Our highly conformable cast vinyl wraps protect your factory paint job from dirt, chips, rust and small dents. In the case of any damage to your wrap, contact us so we can fix it to keep your vehicles looking their best.

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