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Custom Wraps for Trucks

Does your business use work trucks to perform jobs for customers, make deliveries or as a corporate vehicle? Maximise the marketing opportunity of your commercial vehicles with custom truck wraps and graphics that prominently display your logo, contact information and message.

When you take your branding on the road, you exponentially increase your brand visibility to other travellers, as well as anyone you pass by. A fleet of branded work trucks are like passive brand ambassadors. They not only consistently spread your message and build brand recognition, they also assure current and future clients that you are a professional business ready to work.

a truck with custom wrapped graphics
truck wrapped in full green wrap
A work truck wrapped corporate logo

High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Imagine you travel the same route to and from work every day. You are just another nondescript vehicle passing by, blending in with all the other cars around you. Now, imagine that you have a custom truck wrap done by Vancouver Sign Company. Your phone starts ringing more, strangers start approaching you and all of a sudden it seems like everyone knows who you are.

That is because vehicle wraps are passive marketing machines. The majority of people travel the same way to work every single day, meaning that you are passing the same people every single day, whether you realise it or not. If they were carrying a giant sign, you would probably remember the guy on the corner who always has a giant sign. The same is true for your vehicle. Your wrap turns your vehicle into a highly recognizable and memorable work of art that reinforces your message every time people see it.

Completely Custom Wraps for Your Needs

We know that your business has a unique marketing message. You need your wrap to perform a service for you and in order to do so, it must be eye-catching, the right size to be visible and with a layout that complements the shape of your vehicle. Our custom truck wrap designers are skilled at designing the perfect wrap, graphics, or magnets for your vehicle with your input and instructions.

Vancouver Sign Company designs, manufactures, and installs:

You might use many different types of vehicles for work functions. If so we can create wraps for anything, from RV’s to ATV’s. We can create a cohesive design and modify it so it perfectly fits all of your vehicle types.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

We are here to assist you through every step of the truck wrap process from consultation through installation, maintenance and wrap removal. Our staff of experienced graphic designers, printers, and installers will help you in designing, creating and installing your long-lasting truck wrap.

Do you have an existing wrap that has been damaged? Whether the work was originally done by us or not, we will help you get back in tip-top shape.

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