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Channel Letter Signs

Channel letters are popular choices for building signage across all industries and business types.

Their flexibility and versatility allow them to be customised to meet almost any art style or design choice. Whether you would like illuminated channel letters, non-illuminated letters, or something in between, we can create it for you.

Vancouver Sign Company is your local provider of professional channel letter signage for your business offering high quality signs that meet your budget.

channel letter sign with logo of a red pepper for a mexican restaurant
metal channel letter signage that says office supplies above entrance to store
Channel letter sign with orange face

Storefront Channel Letters

The storefront channel letter sign is one of our most requested types of sign. Channel letters are 3-dimensional signs. Metal channel letter signs start with a roll of flat metal like a roll of tape, usually aluminium, then fed through a bending machine that gives it shape. Plastic channel letters are mostly thermoformed. They are then secured to a frame or box, such as a raceway that contains the electric components. They can also be flush-mounted directly to your building in which case the electrical wiring will run through the walls of the building. The face of the sign is typically translucent acrylic onto which you can then place vinyl film of various colours.

You can spell out your name, slogan and your logo on a channel letter sign. We have a wide variety of colour, size, font, and style options, making this an easy to customise sign for any business. Channels can also be formed to create just about any image or icon, allowing you to add any image or custom fonts to your sign.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

LED channel letter signs can really make you stand out with the addition of LED backlighting. This allows the sign to easily be seen at night and in poor weather, attracting new customers regardless of the time or conditions. We handle all aspects of this process, including securing the sign, safe installation of electrical elements, and even clean up.

If you have a business that is open during the evening or night hours, a backlit channel letter sign can make a big difference in your ability to attract new customers.

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