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Your building facade or storefront is the first impression many potential customers and clients have of your business.

At Vancouver Sign Company, we make sure that impression is an outstanding one!

High quality, attractive building signs set you apart from the businesses around you, allowing you to capture more eyeballs, interest, and ultimately dollars. Whether you are looking to attract more visitors, build your brand or just identify your offices, we can design, manufacture, and install the perfect building signs for you!

A metal panel with the words work, play, create cut out installed above doors to a business
a hanging rectangular blade sign on the side of a building
a high end looking sign panel with black letters and logo on brushed gold background

What is the Right Sign For Your Building?

Different businesses have different requirements for their building sign. Your industry, brand personality, location, competition, budget, and target audience will all impact the decisions you make regarding your building signage.

Our expert sign consultants will perform an on-site evaluation to assess your building, measure your space, and recommend the signage elements that will work best for you. We handle every aspect of making your custom building sign, from your initial consultation through installation, including design, manufacturing, repairs, maintenance. We can even assist with permitting for your new signage, if needed.

Types of Building Signs

There are a few common sign types that our consultants are most likely to recommend. Depending on your location and business type, we may recommend signage that is complementary with the surrounding signage, or one that contrasts with the environment. Either way, with your input, we ensure your sign will be the right sign for you.

All of our signs are completely custom crafted. This means that even if you are using the same signage type as businesses around you, our signage will still look completely unique.

Channel Letters and Dimensional Letters

Our most popular choice, channel letter signs are extremely versatile with a variety of options for colour, font, and style. They can include individual letters and numbers, even shapes and logos. These are an extremely popular choice for many different business types, from retail stores to manufacturing facilities because of their durable design and level of customization. Channel letters allow light to be housed within them as they typically have a transparent face, while dimensional letters are typically cut from a single sheet of metal or acrylic.

Lighted Signs

Lighted building signs allow your business to be easily spotted day or night. Many different sign types lend themselves to lighting or backlighting. Channel letters are commonly backlit, and light box signs almost always include internal lighting. Ideal for places that are open late, such as retail stores, bars, gas stations, convenience stores, and theatres, lighted signs truly help your business increase your visibility in the best possible way.

Projecting Signs, Hanging Signs and Blade Signs

Whatever you call it, a projecting, hanging, or blade sign is one that is perpendicular to your building, rather than attaching flat against your facade. These signs can be backlit cabinet signs, or may be made of custom materials such as high density foam, wood, or metal. These are great for pedestrians, and are often used in conjunction with storefront signage, or to identify businesses that are located within the building.

Canopy and Awning Signs

Awning signs serve double duty, as both a business identifier and a storefront protector. They are most commonly constructed of a stretched canvas material, however they can be constructed of any type of fabric or metal. We recommend products that are resistant to weathering, allowing you maximum lifespan for your building signage. Awning signs are fantastic for places that want to provide a boutique-like feel or need to provide a canopy, such as a hotel or open air restaurant.

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