Sign Repair and Service in Vancouver

We know it’s not just a sign, it’s your business.

Sign Repair Vancouver

Vancouver Sign Company can provide your business with a complete sign repair and sign maintenance package.

We have bucket trucks fully equipped to repair all types of interior and exterior signs and illuminated signs. With years of experience, we offer the best rates and efficient service for all of our valuable customers.

Our experienced team is skilled in a range of sign repairs, be it electric,  pylon, blade sign, digital signage, monument, LED sign repair, and more. Technicians at our sign repair company have been keeping our customers’ signs looking great and working the way they are supposed to.

With a hassle free sign maintenance agreement we can spot problems and make repairs before you or anyone else realises they are needed.

Call us and our friendly staff will be in touch to discuss how our team, equipment and expertise can help you with your commercial sign repair needs.

We offer sign repair on a time and material basis – you only pay for the exact materials and effort involved. It’s a certainty that your signs are going to need maintenance or repair if you keep them up for an extended period. Even signs made with the most high-quality materials can fade or become damaged by some force outside your control.

sign repairer on a bucket truck removing a sign for a drugstore
sign technician on a bucket truck repairing a large grocery store sign
sign worker on a bucket truck installing new graphics on a pylon sign

Sign Service Vancouver

We can help you save money with LED retrofit for your illuminated signs. We can help you find and implement energy efficient solutions for signage and lighting. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may even receive energy rebates to retrofit your sign with LED bulbs.

The life of your signage can be greatly increased by proper and frequent sign service. The newer the sign the less often your sign will need any upkeep; but it is still wise to have them looked at from time to time by your trusted sign service company to ensure you are receiving the most from your marketing investment.

Sign Removal Vancouver

Our comprehensive sign services don’t end with designing and manufacturing your sign. If you have a sign, our sign removal company can help you take it down.

Signage removal might seem like a simple process, but in reality it is way more challenging. The process is done for replacing old worn out vinyl, decals and signs with new ones or updating the whole signage. 

The removal difficulty and method depends on the age of the material, thickness of the material, and the durability of the glue. The newer ones come off easier even with a simple heat gun; however, the underlying glue will still remain and needs to be removed. 

Our sign removal service includes:

  • commercial sign 
  • business sign
  • van signage
  • exterior sign
  • storefront sign
  • building sign
  • vehicle graphics.
  • Etc.

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