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3D Letters Signs

If you are looking for a creative way to put your best foot forward, a dimensional letter sign is a great choice.

Dimensional letters, also called 3D letters or raised letters, are solid, unlit letters or shapes of varying thickness applied to surfaces to create depth. They can be cast, moulded, or cut from various solid materials.

Dimensional letters offer what many business owners are looking for: versatility, durability and professionalism at many different price points.

Here at Vancouver Sign Company, we can attest that dimensional lettering is a smart choice for any business. Whether you run a restaurant, hospital, boutique, office, church, bank, etc., our dimensional letters can be made to suit you.

The raised letters we produce are specially designed to be highly visible so that they help expand your advertising reach. We use the latest materials so that once we install your dimensional letters, you won’t have to keep worrying about them. You can expect them to look good for years. And if that’s not enough, we have an entire team of signage specialists that can take care of sign maintenance for you.

a metal 3d line in the shape of a heart, with another shape of a bear inside of it
metal dimensional letter signage with an arrow pointing up on wood panels
3D letter signage at an architect office on a dark grey wall

Appealing Storefront Signage

Given dimensional letters’ eye-catching appeal, they make the perfect choice for your building’s storefront sign. They give your building more texture and depth, exuding sophistication. The versatility of dimensional letters is also a huge plus. They can be installed directly to your building’s facade, but they can also be mounted to monument signs, post and panel signs and more. If you are looking for another choice, channel letters are a popular alternative to dimensional letters.

Even though 3D letters are non-illuminated, Vancouver Sign Company can include spotlights, halo lights or backlighting during sign installation so your dimensional letters are visible in the dark. With our help your business stands out and your message gets delivered professionally and consistently.

Attractive Indoor 3D Letters

Dimensional letters aren’t just for the outdoors; they also give your business a professional ambiance as interior signs. Install one at your reception area and your brand will be the first thing your customers notice as soon as they step inside your facility. Dimensional lobby signs and logos are very common and can be made with a variety of materials with options like illumination. Dimensional letters are also often used in wayfinding and room signs.

3D letters, contrary to the name, aren’t limited to letters either! You can have letters, numbers, images, logos, or a mix of all of them. Vancouver Sign Company’s team of experienced designers can help build interior signs customised to your business’s specific personality and character. If you desire a dimensional effect that truly makes your brand stand out from your other decor, We can provide you with dimensional letters that accomplish that.

Dimensional Letter Materials

We produce dimensional letters from many different materials to best suit your brand and business here in Vancouver. You have the option to choose between metal, wood, plastic, and light foam as material for your dimensional letters.

Materials include: Acrylic, PVC, high density urethane foam, styrofoam, wood and metals. The durability and weather-resistance of acrylic makes it a great choice for outdoor dimensional signs. Metal is a good choice for interior letters because of its classy appeal, but also can be stunning when used outdoors. You have a choice of metals including aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. Foam is a popular option for large, colourful letters. It’s affordable, lightweight, thick and low cost. We can help you choose the right sign style and materials to accomplish your desired finish and look within your budget.

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