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Sign Permit Vancouver

It’s crucial to finish a sign permit code check whether you have a brand-new sign project or want to update your current retail signage. You can save time and money by checking your sign project against your city’s bylaws before requesting a sign permit. With a sign permit bylaw check, Vancouver Sign Company can offer a business sign permit consultation to aid in moving your sign permit project ahead. Our team of sign makers will analyse your local bylaws, sign permit requirements, and construction restrictions to find a sign solution that will work for your company and the authorities. We take care to engage with city planners and stakeholders during the sign permit process so you don’t have to, saving your company time.

We can help you with getting a sign licence for your commercial signage. It is important that  all sign permit applications and sign permit drawings are finished before you try to get a sign permit. Bylaws and construction codes should be followed when creating your sign permit drawings. All paperwork should be in order once we submit your sign permit application. We make sure to double check all paperwork to avoid delays because the wait for your formal sign permit evaluation can take weeks. If your submitted paperwork is error-free, permits are authorised more quickly.

We complete everything related to your sign permit.

  • Check signage permit requirements with the City.
  • Design your sign according to signage bylaws.
  • Completing the sign permit application.
  • Gathering required documents.
  • Complete permit drawings.
  • Sign engineering report, if required.
  • Application for sign permit.
  • Communication and follow up with the City.
  • Receive permits for signage from the City.
  • Close permit after sign installation.

Sign permit costs will depend on your jurisdiction, each has its own costs for application. 

Trust Vancouver Sign Company to help you with your sign permit applications in Vancouver.

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