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A Frame Signs

Increase your sales and profitability by investing in attractive sidewalk signs created by Vancouver Sign Company!

By using attractive, informative sidewalk signs  custom-made by us, your business can quickly and efficiently inform potential customers of the products and services you provide. Whether you’re lowering prices or offering special deals, sidewalk signs are a budget-friendly option that will increase customer traffic, ultimately helping your bottom line!

As your sign maker in Vancouver, we create every type of sidewalk sign, including A-frame, chalkboards, wind frames, real estate sign frames, and more. So when you’re looking for a signage partner who can deliver the solutions you need within your timeframe and budget, we are the right sign maker in Vancouver for you.

a chalkboard with white writing that advertises haircuts
a wind frame sign for a hotel valet
a couple of wood a frame signs that advertises food on the sidewalk

Sidewalk Signs For Your Business

According to the International Sign Association, successful signage depends on various factors, including sign materials, placement, visibility, and readability, just to name a few. This means that your signs need to not only be made of high-quality, durable materials but also need to be placed in such a way that they can be easily seen and read as motorists and pedestrians pass by them. When combined with some yard signs and flag banners, you can multiply your exposure for very little additional investment!

We create attractive portable signage, including metal A-frame signs, PVC sandwich boards, chalkboards and more! Our knowledgeable sign consultants will discuss your location, signage needs and marketing goals to ensure you get the right type of sign that fits your location, goals, budget and brand.

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