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Portable Signage

Portable signs are signs that are not permanently attached to the ground or any structure. Such signs include A-frames, chalkboards, flag signs, roll up banners, yard signs, etc. They are versatile and allow you to carry, store and place them wherever you want.

A reason why portable signs remain to be a relevant and popular sign choice for businesses is that they help generate interest in high traffic areas, wherever they may be. The best part? They come at a reasonable price and can even be rented out to other businesses. Portable signages are used to attract and capture the attention of passersby and point them to your business, ultimately helping convert curious pedestrians to potential customers.

Vancouver Sign Company is a trusted local signs provider that specialises in producing sturdy, custom made portable signs with impactful content. We have served many businesses in Vancouver with effective, long lasting portable signs suited to meet their needs and budgets.

a step and repeat display with a carrying case
portable trade show signage package
a custom print trade show tent with backwall and literature stand

Flag Signs, Banners and Displays

Promoting your business isn’t always done on site. Sometimes you have the opportunity to display your brand at trade-shows, conventions or community events. We make sure you have the right portable signage that speaks to your audience. We create complete custom signage for your exhibit booth or outdoor event. 

If you are sponsoring or managing a local event, we can provide both sponsorship banners and signs, as well as main event signage to make it easy for your visitors, sponsors, and attendees to see you. We can help you design and select elements that are either cost-friendly for a single use, or sturdy and easily updated for long term use based on your needs and future promotional plans.

A-frame Signs for Fast Promotion

Vancouver Sign Company also offers portable signs fit to catch attention and promote brands in smaller areas such as sidewalks. Our sandwich boards put the “portable” in portable signs. They are small, light, and compact enough to move around and store easily, but are also durable enough to withstand everyday outdoor elements.

A-frame signs also offer some flexibility. Some models are made with high-quality hard plastic and can be kept in place more firmly by filling up the frames with sand or water. When you’re done using the sign, you can simply pour the sand or water out and proceed to storage.

We have a wide selection of portable signs that you can choose from. We want to give you the signage that best suits your business, whether it’s something as light as a pop up sign made of water repellent fabric, or something as large as a 20 foot long graphic display wall.

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