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Interior Signs

Indoor signs also have immense potential to change the behaviour of your customers by showing key information regarding products and services as well as showcasing what you are all about. 

So it is important that you get your indoor signs designed and coordinated properly to achieve the goals you want. Another consideration is you should also get these signs made to match the current safety protocols and ADA guidelines for signs and graphics.

At Vancouver Sign Company, you will get the right and effective indoor signs for your business in Vancouver because we understand how crucial these signs can be in helping your employees and clientele in wayfinding, brand identity and productivity. We design unmissable interior signs that suit you.

Whether your business is new or established, our experts are standing by to assist you to design and manufacture the best indoor signs based on your needs and budget. We also do on-site evaluations to determine where these signs should be installed.

Four engraved lamacoid name signs for office
Room sign that says lounge on a wall with white stand offs
3d letter signage on a white sign plate on a interior office wall

Interior Signage For Office Buildings

Are you looking for a way to guide your employees and customers around your vast office space, or want them to be aware of your brand’s story? If that is a yes, you need interior signage in your office to achieve those objectives.

We design all sorts of office signs, from wayfinding signs to directory signs and reception signs. We even do custom themed holistic sign packages that really personalise your brand on a large scale. You can also get your signage produced in certain types of materials you think will reinforce your brand voice.

Every Indoor Sign for Businesses

Any kind of indoor signs you will need for your business, Vancouver Sign Company can quickly and efficiently deliver it.

From simple wall signs to murals, our talented sign experts can design them to fit your requirements and budget. We also put in your brand’s message and colours to create the ideal sign that matches your promotional activity and business goal.

We can also make indoor signs for any industry, from retail to industrial companies, and make sure they are made from materials, even solid metal signs, that will last at a budget you can afford.

Our Vancouver, BC sign company is the best you can find if you want a full-service sign company to handle your signage needs.

We offer a free consultation where our team will note all the things you need for your signs or graphics. Once we have the design on hand, we can help you pick the right type of indoor sign that will match your business goals and budget. We won’t manufacture the signs until we get your approval, guaranteeing you are only getting what you want and nothing else.

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