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We know it’s not just a sign, it’s your business.

Designing a Sign

The effectiveness of a sign for your company mostly rests on how simple it is for people driving or strolling by to see and interpret it. A sign’s design must be observable, obvious, clear, and understandable in order to maximise readability. It is good to work with a sign designer to help you ensure that your sign is visible and readable in time for potential customers to see it and stop by your establishment.

Careful design is necessary to produce an effective sign. The custom sign designers at Vancouver Sign Company take into account both particular details like your brand, typefaces, and colours as well as more general ideas like readability and traffic patterns. If you haven’t engaged a graphic designer to make your signage and designs, you’ll probably need their help if you want to succeed.

Sign graphic design involves much more than just improving the sign’s appearance. Size, positioning, illumination, and other factors must all match the requirements of the building location.

Naturally, all of this will be understood by professional sign firms. However, in order to interact with your sign firm more effectively, it’s critical for you to have a fundamental understanding of design and lighting specifications.

screenshot of adobe illustrator used to design car graphics
design concepts drawing into the shape of a lightbulb
screenshot of graphic design program used to design a flyer

Types of Signs we Design

We are a top notch signage design company for Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We design all kinds of illuminated & non-illuminated signage including neon, LED signage, window graphics & more.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Building signage design
  • Store signage design
  • Restaurant signage design
  • Vehicle graphics design
  • Window graphics design
  • business sign design
  • outdoor signage design
  • real estate sign design
  • church signage design
  • wayfinding signage design
  • Print design

The benchmark for a great designer sign is simplicity. You just have a few seconds to address the crowd, thus the simpler and more straightforward your sign, the quicker it will be read and understood. Concentrate on creating signs with minimal words that convey the intended message clearly. Using more than two fonts in a single design should be avoided because it can be confusing.

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