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Signage for Storefront

A well made storefront sign is the #1 way to attract new customers to your business. At Vancouver Sign Company, we make high visibility and high impact storefront signs that get your business noticed!

Whether you are seeking storefront signage to identify your brand or are seeking promotional signage to lure customers in, we’ve got what you need! Outdoor banners, window graphics, door signage, sidewalk signs, wayfinding signage, lighted signs, dimensional letters, channel letters, and other signage elements can all be used to provide maximum visibility for your business.

We help you determine the right signage products for your business needs and budget. We create signage projects that suit your brand personality and get your business remembered.

a hanging blade sign underneath an awning outside a store
Exterior channel letters for a spa and message business storefront
fascia sign for a physio clinic above the storefront entrance

Business Identification Signage

Getting your business seen by potential customers is vital to the growth and longevity of your brand. The signage that you use to display your business name and information makes a big impact on how potential visitors perceive your organisation. Attractive, professional and idiosyncratic signage can be used to cement your brand image in the minds of consumers.

From awning signs, address signs, pylon signs, monument signs and more, We can help you determine the right types, sizes, and designs to provide you with maximum impact for your location in Vancouver. We deliver cohesive signage solutions that are both attractive and functional, actively attracting the attention you desire.

Promotional Signage

Your building storefront not only must tell people who you are, it must also convey what you do or what you have to offer. Promotional signage for your storefronts can do just that. We help you to highlight your popular and high margin products and services while creating compelling displays to attract more customers inside.

Vancouver Sign Company helps you determine the right blend and placement of signage to effectively promote your offerings in an attractive way.

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