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Custom Metal Signage

Durable and stylish, metal signs have been a go-to advertising tool for centuries. Even now, when we look around a typical street in Vancouver, we are sure to see some metal signs. We see them bearing street names, showing roadside warnings, displaying information and identifying businesses.

We at Vancouver Sign Company are convinced that having a quality metal sign is one of the best ways to attract potential customers. With its ability to deliver the desired look and feel that you want your business to exude, you just can’t go wrong. We want to provide businesses with reliable metal signs that offer both instant attraction and long-term satisfaction.

If you are looking for something sturdy, versatile, and economical, steel is an option you have for your metal signage. If you prefer something lightweight, with rust-resistant qualities, and some flexibility, you can go for aluminium. We can customise your sign orders according to your taste, timeline and budget.

Gold metal letters on white paper
metal looking dimensional signage on the metal awning of a building
silver cut metal letters on wall

Metal Storefront Signs

We want nothing more than to make our clients look good and one way we do that is to provide them high-quality metal signs for storefronts.

On a budget? Aluminium sign panels for your store front can be the answer. They are cost effective, yet will look professional and last long.

Want your signage to have a more high end look? Go for the luxurious finish of brushed metal letters for your establishment. These metal dimensional letters can also give your business high-visibility and sophistication, especially with the right lighting.

Custom Outdoor Metal Signs

Good outdoor signage must be two things: attractive and durable. We understand the need for street signs, safety signs, and yard signs that will catch the attention of passersby for a long time.

With our strong team of Vancouver signage specialists, we can fully customise your sign’s design and layout based on your preference. And, more importantly, we make sure your exterior metal signs are fully visible through strategic placement and careful installation.

With our high-quality materials and meticulous construction, the signs we make are built to last. We make sure your signs look good for as long as possible, which is why we make them sturdy and able to stand up to harsh weather.

Metal Lobby Signs

Our passion is to make your business look good inside and out. We want your customers to have a well defined brand experience when they step inside your facility. We help you with this by providing metal lobby signs that speak to your personality.

Vancouver Sign Company is proud of its versatility as a metal sign maker. We give you the freedom to choose the materials you want for your custom signage. We can do all metal or acrylic/metal combination signs that are high end looking at a reasonable cost. By combining various materials, we can give you the signage that best suits your business and budget.

Our metal options include stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, bronze and brass. We offer indoor metal signs customised to your preferred size, design, and finish. With a beautifully crafted aluminium logo sign accenting your office lobby, your business will exude competence and class.

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