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Vehicle Magnet Signs

Do you want to use your vehicle to increase your brand and business visibility but need an option that allows you to advertise only when you want to? Custom vehicle magnets can be your solution!

Vehicle magnets are a cost effective way to advertise your business on the go compared to a full car wrap. You can add your magnet to your vehicle when you need to advertise yourself and remove it when you want. If you live in a signage restricted area or want to drive a little bit faster on your personal time, there is no better advertising tool that provides these options than a vehicle magnet.

As your local full-service signage shop in Vancouver, we handle every aspect of the vehicle magnet making process. Aside from offering expert fabrication services, we also provide professional design and installation services for all of your signage needs. We provide affordable solutions, tailored to your unique brand. So when you’re looking for a reliable signage partner, Vancouver Sign Company is the right choice!

custom printed car magnet on the side door of a red car
car magnet printed with the words newspaper carrier on side of black car
car magnet on the side of a pizza delivery car

Advertise When You Need It

In today’s economy, your business needs to arm itself with every advertising tool available from attractive exterior signs to mobile advertisements designed to get your customers to look up from their devices and take notice of your business. If your customers aren’t given the opportunity to learn about your business, then they never learn about how your products and services will make their lives better.

As you go about your standard daily routine, your vehicle magnet will promote your business everywhere you go. Reach a large audience in your community and inform them that your business exists and can provide them with outstanding products and services. Best of all, when you are on your time, or you need to switch vehicles, you can quickly remove and reapply your magnet when you’re ready! You just have to make sure the body is steel as magnets won’t work on aluminium. We have the tools, knowledge, and experience required to deliver the eye-catching vehicle magnets that get your brand noticed!

Signage Restricted Neighbourhoods

Depending on where you live, an association or council restriction may limit signage in your neighbourhood. These types of restrictions can often make it difficult for business owners to use vinyl graphic wraps for brand and business promotion. Effectively making your vehicle just like any other vehicle around you, permanently crippling your ability to advertise your business in a way that has been proven to garner more attention than more expensive advertising methods.

With car magnets, you can bypass those restrictive covenants and simply add your car decal as needed. Affordable and easy to remove, they are your least labour intensive option. Our graphic designers can design a vehicle magnet that allows you to take advantage of your vehicle for advertising while staying within the boundaries of any restrictive covenant.

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