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Cabinet Signage Maker

Looking for an inexpensive business sign that can announce who you are? One of the most reliable and accessible storefront signs in the business is the cabinet sign. The cabinet sign, also called light box sign, consists of a sign face installed onto a box, typically containing lights.

The sign face is translucent acrylic with vinyl applied to the surface. This makes it somewhat easy to replace and update the graphics if need be. Although considered “cheap” and disallowed in some retail environments, light box signs are a great choice for those looking to add impact to their storefront or interior at an affordable price and in a highly customisable way.

Vancouver Sign Company is a full-service sign shop that specialises in cabinet signs. Whether your establishment is a retail store, church, restaurant, hospital, clinic, school, or service centre, we design and create cabinet signs that perfectly suit your business and budget. We also fix and refurbish your old sign.

A cabinet sign installed above a barbershop
black light box sign for a design studio
A internally lit cabinet sign for a construction company installed just below the roof of a building

Make Your Message Clear

Cabinet signs are basically like light box signs except they might not be illuminated. They consist of a large metal frame that can be custom shaped with an acrylic face. Custom printed or cut vinyl is then applied to the face to create your specific message. This allows you to truly express your creativity and brand personality.

With the entire sign as your canvas, you have the option to include a lot of information such as your name, address, phone number and description. This way, potential customers will know what you can offer. Another option would be to keep your sign bold and modern with a minimalist design and layout. We help you determine the right design and layout for your desired message.

Highly-Customizable Storefront Signs

At Vancouver Sign Company, our box signs are customisable to virtually any design, shape, and size that you want. We have an entire team of signage experts at your service. If you need your signage made with very specific requirements, we’re the perfect provider for you.

If you’re looking for signs that give maximum impact, we can fabricate illuminated box signs for you and combine them with other signage such as window graphics and exterior signage for an even more complete display. With Vancouver Sign Company, you have the freedom to choose the best cabinet sign for your business.

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