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Custom Vinyl Wrapping

Vancouver Sign Company creates attractive vinyl wraps for all of your business marketing needs.

Whether you are looking for commercial fleet vehicle wraps, a vinyl wrap for your breakroom refrigerator, vinyl film for your business windows, or would like to have a large marketing message applied to any smooth surface, we have the right product and solution for you. Our dedicated vinyl specialists can’t wait to assist you with your unique branding needs with our vinyl wraps.

If you want your front desk, tables, or entry walls wrapped in a custom design, our team of dedicated vinyl wrap specialists in Vancouver can recommend the right vinyl wraps material and colour. We can also assist with design, fabrication, and professional installation to ensure your wrapped surfaces look the way you envisioned.

a sample swatch of coloured vinyl
a electrical box wrapped with colourful printed vinyl
two moving trucks with full print vinyl graphics on the side of the truck box

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vinyl wraps will not only display your business, but they also increase customer confidence and trust. If you have a business where you visit clients at home, like landscapers, electricians or exterminators, people can sometimes be hesitant to let you into their homes. With vinyl wraps, clients feel confident that you are who you say you are.

Advertising wraps for vehicles are increasingly popular across all industries but some of the most popular include handymen, plumbers, cable companies, repair techs, delivery vehicles, electricians, landscapers, etc.

In our opinion, most customer facing businesses  in Vancouver can benefit from vinyl vehicle wraps or partial vinyl graphics.Whether you are looking to wrap one car or your entire fleet, we can provide the right vinyl wraps and graphics for you.

Vinyl Wraps For Any Surface

Vehicles aren’t the only way that vinyl can be used to promote your business, increase your visibility and improve your customer experience. Vancouver Sign Company provides vinyl graphic solutions for every aspect of your business, like windows, walls, floors, tables, and just about any other smooth surface.

More and more companies are using vinyl wraps to create branded environments for their places of business. Used in lobbies, breakrooms, hallways, windows, and conference rooms, these large format, impactful vinyl signs can relax, excite and inform your customers and staff. Extremely durable, vinyl wall murals are resistant to traffic, dirt and cleaning, making them great options for busy areas.

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