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Signs for Office

Vancouver Sign Company creates attractive, cohesive office signs for your corporate offices!

Office signage typically consists of individual yet complementary signage elements. They must match your brand guidelines and other indoor and outdoor signs. We understand the importance of creating signage elements that work together to achieve your business objectives. Vancouver Sign Company is your dedicated local signage partner for all of your office sign needs.

metal laminated 3d letters and logo on office wall
halo lit dimensional letters installed on front counter of office
directory sign for the third floor of an office building

What Signs Does My Office Need?

When it comes to office signs, there is no shortage of choices. Not every business needs every type of indoor sign for their office. The right choice for you will depend on your business type, office environment and brand guidelines.

Common office signs include:

  • Lobby logo sign
  • ADA signs
  • Directory signs
  • Room identification signs
  • Floor signs
  • Wall graphics
  • Wayfinding signs

Office signs can service a variety of functions. You can reinforce your brand identity and tell the story of your brand with impactful wall murals. You help visitors navigate your facility and direct them to where they need to go with wayfinding office signs.  Some accessibility signage may even be legally required, so working with an experienced sign company is a must.

Creating Impactful Office Signage

Getting the right signs for your office starts with the consultation. We provide on-site evaluations in and around Vancouver, allowing us to understand your space, current signage and your desired objectives. Once we know more about you, how customers use your facilities, and the services you provide, we will discuss with you how your business can benefit from additional signage.

From new offices to well established facilities, Vancouver Sign Company works with businesses in all phases of growth to ensure that they are getting the maximum impact from their signage.

We understand that there are many different types of offices and that each office will have their own unique needs. We are happy to work with you to find the appropriate signage for your needs.

Need to outfit multiple locations with comprehensive signage? No problem! We can create everything you need in-house, then work with you on determining the best way to distribute the signage to your individual branches.

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