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Floor Signs

When it comes to safety in your facility, floor signs are an option you definitely can’t overlook. By allowing you to clearly mark unsafe areas in your building, provide direction, and create aisles, floor signs and graphics can help facilitate order and safety in your business.

With our vast array of quick, affordable, and hassle-free vinyl floor signs, we at Vancouver Sign Company are sure to have the perfect ones for you.

If you’re looking for a floor sign with a personalised design and message, we can help with design and custom make them.

A cartoon floor sign at a music store that says welcome
floor sign that says sale up to 70% off
floor decals in the shape of animal paw that say trust, respect and other words on the floor of a school hallway

Durable Safety Signage

Having been in the sign making industry in Vancouver for many years, We know that compromising a floor sign’s durability is not an option. By using only the best materials in our sign production process, we provide you with signs that catch attention for years. With our durable floor signs, you can save yourself from the unnecessary hassle and expenses of constantly replacing signs.

We use appropriate materials for your situation. There are specific substrates for heavy foot traffic, carpets, concrete, etc. They can be easily cleaned and polished. Our floor signs are meant to last a long time without losing colour and traction, giving your facility a consistently fresh and organised look.

Wayfinding and Promotional Floor Signs

Are you looking for signs that guide customers which way to the destination they are looking for? Floor signs do that.

They not only alert customers to areas requiring attention and safety precautions, they can also direct you to special promotions. They can effectively separate different areas of your business, letting customers know where they should and shouldn’t go, such as physical distancing floor signs.

Popularly used for wayfinders and floor marking systems, permanent floor signs usually come in the forms of floor tape and vinyl floor signs.

Vancouver Sign Company offers you a wide selection of material options: anti-slip surfaces, pebbled top surfaces, pre-printed floor tapes and custom vinyl prints to ensure you have the right signs for your needs.

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