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Blade Sign Maker

Increase your customer traffic with attractive hanging signs custom made by Vancouver Sign Company!

Blade signs are a type of sign that can be mounted to your building or storefront pole, or attached perpendicular to the surface of your building facade. These signs are effective ways to attract foot traffic to your facility.

As a full-service signage manufacturer, we handle every aspect of the sign process, including design, fabrication, permitting and installation of your blade sign. Our knowledgeable sign experts will discuss your location, budget, ideas, and timeframe to ensure that you are getting the right solution for your business, focusing on appearance, longevity and durability.

wood hanging blade sign on the side of a brick wall
an under awning wood blade sign
A rectangular blade sign for a coffee shop white white graphics on black background

Blade Signs for Every Business

Blade signs come in a variety of different options, styles, and materials. They are also available as illuminated or non-illuminated options. They are very effective for street traffic, as they can be easily seen, unlike fascia signs.

During your free consultation, our experts will discuss your location and bylaw considerations. This will allow our experts to recommend the right type of materials, style, and lighting options to best fit your unique business, budget, and timeframe.

Illuminated and Non Illuminated Blade Signs

Illuminated blade signs are an excellent option for any business that stays open late or cannot be easily seen from the sidewalk. These signs not only generate a greater amount of interest but are also a fantastic way to separate your business from your competition and neighbouring businesses. So when you’re looking to increase your visibility, consider getting an illuminated blade sign.

Vancouver Sign Company creates illuminated signs in a wide variety of different materials and styles including:

We have the skills, tools, and resources needed to create beautiful lighted signs in any style, material, or size. Book a consultation with one of our signage experts today!

Non-illuminated blade signs are typically bracket mounted and placed perpendicular to your building, creating a high visibility sign. This type of sign is a budget friendly option that allows you to display your logo, brand, and business name to passersby. It allows you to stand apart from your competitors in an attractive, eye-catching way that will attract your target audience, ultimately increasing your bottom line.

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